Virtual Analog...combines classic ideas with today's technology. This synthesizer has it all... and more. Awesome leads, booming basses, frantic techno - at your fingertips. Every function has a knob. No more menus! Total real time control and instant acessability make it a breeze to shape the sounds exactly the way you want them. Play with the filter and resonance knob and enjoy the precise tracking and the superb quality. You can program any parameter change to velocity and do your licks. Our new high precision "Pitch Stick" gives you the complete control of the pitch and allows you to make a true and natural vibrato - just like a violin player! Add a whole new dimension to your playing!

Nord Lead ...and Velocity Programming (Morphing)

A special velocity programming section can be controlled by the modulation wheel making it possible to continously "morph" between two parameter settings. This feature is a musically expressive tool that lets you shape your sounds shile you play. This feature can also be routed to the modulation wheel.

Nord Lead ...and MIDI

Let's go MIDI Triggering! In the studio, Nord Lead offers real time MIDI recording of the knob settings and special "MIDI patches" to recreate many of th effects produced by patching on traditional units. For example, let your pre-recorded dumpattern trigger filter and amplifier envelopes, where the Hi-hat pattern triggers the filter envelope and the Kickdrum pattern simultaneously triggers the amplifier envelope. Use the Nord Lead in this way and you'll be able to create fascinating poly-rythmic patterns. The programmable velocity function can also be controlled from a separate MIDI source. All MIDI triggering can be done from separate programmable MIDI channels. The Nord Lead's LFO's and arpeggiator can be synched to a MIDI clock.

Nord Lead Four Synthesizers in One!

There are four parts which are directly accessible from the front panel. This makes it possible to instantly create layer with up to four different sounds, where each separate sound in the layer can easily be edited in real time. Make up super patches in the Performance section. Create monster basses and mega pads. But it dosn't stop here. The sounds in a layer can be programmed by the special Morph function making it possible to fade sounds and parameters and create an unlimited number of exciting patches.

Nord Lead has received tremendous reviews in leading musical press all over the world.

Nord Lead - Sound Generation 

Nord Lead is the first digital synthesizer to use "Virtual Analog Synthesis". Clavia has analyzed analog synthesizer design in detail and implemented the research in a digital model. Nord Lead employs matemathical simulations of the electronical signal generated by analog oscillators, instead of using waveform tables. This makes it possible, for example, to sweep the pitch smoothly over a very wide range and allow for true pulse width modulation.