Nord Lead 4 Update History

v1.30 (2014-12-23)


  • The slot handling now works like in Lead A1. It should feel the same, but other slots can now be toggled on/off while pressing an enabled slot button, then tap an other button to toggle it.
  • Double click on a slot button now enters Solo Mode, with a proper mute function. Leave Solo Mode by pressing any slot button. Prior to this release double click disabled all slots except the one clicked.
  • When switching between patch and performance mode, if Copy is held simultaneously, the slot buffers are copied into the destination mode, just like in A1. The display will show "--" to indicate that the buffers are not from any location in memory.
  • Storing works like in A1 now, preview does not activate when storing to the same program/performance or when just changing performance mode. "Sto" is now printed after store.
  • Storing to the same program/performance does not silence notes anymore.
  • Global octave shift is now stored in performances.
  • Fixed bug where the slot focus hint could get stuck in performance mode if fiddling with menus and exiting with shift.
  • Fixed bug where exiting a store operation in performance mode would reload the current performance to memory, discarding any changes made since that performance was loaded from memory.

Multi Focus:

  • Multi Focus Edit can now be toggled On/Off like in A1. When in Multi Focus mode all params, not only knobs can be set on the enabled slots. To enable Multi Focus mode press SHIFT+KBD tracking. Simultaneous flashing slot LEDs indicate that Multi Focus is enabled.


  • Added MIDI Interface Broadcast mode (menu option "PU"). With option "PU" everything is sent to both interfaces.
  • Held notes or sustain down over USB MIDI is turned off properly at USB-cable disconnect now
  • Fixed MIDI Bank/Program Change issue regarding what bank to use after turning dial etc.
  • MIDI Soft Thru Program Change bug-fix.
  • Global MIDI channel shadowing slot channels. If global channel is the same as a slot channel, only the global channel should get the message.


  • Delay effect does not saturate as easily
  • Fixed a bug where going from LFO smooth random wave to S/H didn't update playing voices.
  • Fixed a bug where LFO in S/H and master clock set at 64 generated noise.
  • Faders for delay effect make for a more smooth delay cutoff when changing sounds.
  • Improved wavetable sync and FM.
  • Improved analog waveforms
  • New Reverb (optimized like in A1).
  • Adjusted Ladder M feedback at zero resonance.
  • Fixed Ladder filter click in poly mode (feedback distortion DC bias)
  • Improved BP filter at high frequencies


  • Implemented an arpeggiator time window like in A1. This changing chords more fluent when using the arpeggiator.
  • Fixed chord bugs (didn't work properly with Split, nor with MIDI).
  • Split Point inspection without exit.
  • Volume/Expression pedal startup bug-fix.
  • Master Clock Sync vs MIDI/KbdSplit now working as expected.
  • Global octave shift contribution removed when disabled instead of stacked with the slot octave shift.
  • Better keyboard velocity scaling (same as for A1).

v1.24 (2013-12-17)


  • Fixed minor bug where where program change did not work on the slot channels if USB interface was chosen.

v1.22 (2013-12-09)

New Features

  • Added CC control for arpeggiator pattern (CC#117)


  • Fixed minor FM bug where pitch relation was slightly wrong when using unison.
  • Fixed minor bug where performance slot loading did not function properly until focus lamp on slot was lit.
  • Fixed minor bug where wavetable hard sync and Triangle wave couldn't coexist.

v1.20 (2013-12-04)

New Features


  • There are now 2 performance banks with 50 programs each, layout is converted at first boot
  • When the Ladder M filter is selected, the filter and amp envelopes is switched into a more vintage like mode.
  • Nord Sound Manager Program Bundles are now supported
  • Program Change is now handled in a more coherent way - Program Change received on Global Channel changes Performance while Program Change received on Slot Channel changes Slot Program
  • Shift can now be used as exit button from menus, etc
  • New Master Clock display handling. Changing the tempo when externally locked will result in the message "E.Cl" (external clock).
  • Improved MIDI Clock sync
  • Extended tempo range for arpeggiator in free-run mode. Lowest setting is approximately 4 times slower and highest setting is approximately 4 times faster than before.
  • Even octaves now lights up the help LED for OSC2 Coarse and NoiseFreq tune.
  • Added velocity morph for Glide, Arp Rate+Range, Reverb Amount+Brightness, Delay Amount+Tempo FX Amount.
  • Nord Sound Manager now shows its progress while sending programs to synth in display
  • Added CC control for BendRange (CC#118)
  • Note-On latency improved
  • Major bug fix eliminating different clicks and pops in main audio process
  • Fixed clicking bug when changing delay feedback amount while playing
  • Fixed bug where if organizing sounds in the Nord Sound Manager they could disappear
  • Added fades for delay/reverb for eliminating clicks when changing between them
  • Added fades for eliminating clicks when changing between oscillator waveforms

v1.10 (2013-09-13)

New Features

  • Impulse and Continuous morphs can now be edited across all active slots by holding shift while turning knobs, just like regular parameters
  • Shift + mono/legato can be used to set the bend range, which increases its value on the "second" and following presses.
  • A program with a particular Impulse Morph setting can now be copied with Impulse "active" (hold IM button, press Copy) and then pasted to a slot (Shift + Paste + Slot button) to become a new sound.
  • Nord Lead 4R now triggers a note when pressing Shift-FX enable, which note is set by turning the dial when holding this button combination.
  • Mst clock tap-tempo now shows the progress of the tapping, with dots at the bottom of the LED display.
  • Parameter hint in LED display for Mod Env decay/release now says "Inf" when set at max.


  • Clicks could be heard if the amount of the Talk 1/2 effects, the Comb filter and the Reverb amounts were changed with the Impulse Morphs. This has now been corrected.
  • The triangle waveform of the LFO2, if set to KBS would not be in the correct phase during certain circumstances, when a program was loaded. Thanks to Pablo that helped us iron out this one.
  • If the delay was set to "analog" style, and the delay time was manually changed noise could appear. This has now been corrected.
  • Morph programming could sometimes cause a little audible hiccup when adding or removing Morph for a knob, this is now fixed.
  • Arpeggio was not correctly restarted on Impulse sync when the Arp was not master clocked, this bug has been fixed.
  • Arpeggio could become silent if Arp Mst Clk Impulse Sync + Arp KBS was enabled at the same time. This does not happen now.
  • Control pedal used to transmit dual CC messages, it now behaves as it should - CC7 is transmitted if it is set to volume and CC 11 if used as a Morph source.
  • Adjusting the delayed Vibrato's fade-in to be smoother after feedback from user.
  • The Synth could visually get stuck in program mode after storing if Manager was connected. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed several bugs that happened when SysEx was transmitted or received over MIDI. Previous versions could crash when the dump was received or present error messages when complete banks were transmitted back to the unit.
  • The LFO and Arpeggio rate LEDs did not indicate tempo correctly, this is now fixed.
  • The Vibrato amount reading in cents was not correct, this has been adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug where the auto detect mode of the sustain pedal would not work correctly if pedal type was changed when the unit was turned on (or if pedal was depressed during the power up sequence).
  • Fixed bad behavior where intermittent control pedal values would overwrite the pedal type or gain when changing them in system menu.
  • Fixed a bug where Wheel/Velocity Morph values could not be hinted in the LED display by pressing the copy button (like the Impulse Morphs could).
  • The HP filter had a bug causing unexpected behavior at high frequencies. Fixed.
  • Adjusted the drive on the TB filter.
  • Fixed a bug where noise frequency did not show the parameter hint in the LED display.
  • Fixed a bug where modulation amounts were incorrect. At maximum settings, weird noises could be heard.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Chord Memory Enable to be Impulse morphable, it is not anymore.
  • Improved the sound quality of the triangle waves at high frequencies. Improved sound quality of synced sine waves.
  • Optimized voice allocation in synth engine to warrant the full 20 voices of polyphony.


  • Fixed a bug where pitch stick max bend could not be reached in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug where arpeggio parameters was not correct sometimes if they were controlled by CC messages over MIDI.
  • Nord Lead 4R Chord Mem / Split now works over MIDI.
  • The OS is now compatible with the Nord Lead 4 Rack.
  • Fixed a bug where slot enable was missing a MIDI CC in non-performance mode.


  • First OS release.