Nord Piano 4 Update History

v2.62 (2021-05-12)

New feature:

  • Added MIDI Out Velocity Curve page to MIDI menu, with Heavy, Medium and Light options (Heavy is default).
  • Added MIDI Out Velocity Legacy page to MIDI menu, set to Off by default. To use the MIDI velocity scaling of previous OS version, set this to On. When set to On, the curve selections on preceding page are not applicable.

Other updates:

  • Incoming MIDI Program Change could inadvertently change Piano sound. Fixed.
  • Incoming MIDI Program Change is now filtered out as expected when set to "Off" or "Send" in MIDI menu.
  • Fixed potential bug where user samples with silent zones could theoretically cause stability issues.
  • Under certain circumstances long release times for samples would not be dampened on program changes. Fixed.
  • Improvements to seamless transition mechanism.
  • Improvements to Sample Synth dynamics.

v2.50 (2020-03-04)

  • Added support for Nord Sample Editor 3
  • "Mono" panel setting is now a global parameter, rather than being stored per-program. The parameter is reset on reboot.
  • Program Change messages are no longer sent when browsing Programs in "Store To" dialog.
  • A Program Change message was inadvertently sent when exiting a Store operation. Fixed.

v2.14 (2020-01-08)

  • Update to production test routine

v2.12 (2019-06-27)

  • Tremolo effect preserves attack for mallet instruments (Vibraphone, Marimba)
  • Delay tails and Sample Synth sounds using long release times would not fade out as quickly as expected when changing programs. Fixed
  • MIDI: Sometimes first press on a button would not send CC. Fixed
  • Transition time between pedal down and pedal up sound was shortened for higher registers

v2.02 (2019-04-11)

  • On rare occasions unexpected piano voice stealing could occur when operating sustain pedal, with String Res active. Fixed
  • Browsing pianos in list view is now faster
  • The Transpose "Set" screen is no longer sticky and is only shown as long as the buttons are pressed down
  • The "E" dirty flag could appear without any changes having been made, under certain circumstances. Fixed

v2.00 (2019-02-01)

New features:

  • Support for version 6 .npno files
  • Piano Equalizer settings
    • Two “Dyno” settings for tine EPs are introduced in the Piano Equalizer section, indicated by the two top LEDs or two bottom LEDs being lit, respectively. Note: These settings require version 6 EP sounds.
    • Soft, Mid and Bright filters for EPs have been adjusted to specifically suit these sounds.
    • Soft setting for acoustic pianos has been changed. This is now not a filter but instead adjusts the response of the piano for a soft sound.

Other updates:

  • Could not select a new piano when "Piano not found" was shown. Fixed
  • If all samples had been removed and a new sample was added, it was not possible to select the new sample. Fixed
  • String Resonance did not work for notes held with Sostenuto pedal. Fixed
  • Definitions of Open/Closed for pedals in menu were reversed. Fixed
  • Subtle static occured when changing Pan/Trem amount using pedal. Fixed
  • Quickly moving a program in Organize list could cause inadvertent reordering of programs. Fixed
  • Clavinet now does not use the middle keyboard switch

v1.02 (2018-06-29)

  • Delay Tempo can now be adjusted by pressing Tempo button and turning Delay Dry/Wet knob.
  • Reverb effect was adjusted.
  • Clicks could occur when changing Delay Tempo. Fixed.
  • Piano notes could hang when activating KBD Split or turning Piano section Off/On. Fixed.

v1.00 (2018-06-27)

  • First OS release.