Nord Stage 2 in the press

Sound on Sound Review


It's not cheap, but the combination of excellent acoustic pianos, superb e-pianos and Clavinets, unsurpassed organ emulations, sample replay and a surprisingly flexible polysynth should be a powerful aphrodisiac for players whose response to modern workstations is something along the lines of '$*%$?!?!?'.
Sound on Sound

Studio Review


Awarded 'Studio Recommends'

...makes us want to play more - a very good grade indeed
Nord Stage 2 is the most complete instrument from Clavia so far. It combines organ-, piano- and synths sounds with a very easy-to-use interface.
Tidningen Studio

MusicTech Review


Verdict: 10/10 and 'MusicTech Excellence Award'

A versatile, durable keyboard that is just as home as a master keyboard in a studio as it is in any touring environment.
The organ sound engine comes from Nord's C2 organ and has to be the best tonewheel organ emulation we've heard.
Given the real improvements to the Stage range seen here, we think there'll be even more red beasts on the telly than ever before.
MusicTech Magazine

Future Music Review


Verdict: 5/5 stars and 'Future Music Platinum Award'

A huge upgrade, cementing its status as the most authentic stage piano/organ/synth available. just feels good to play, it's portable and versatile and strikes the right balance of features and great sounds.
As a one-stop piano, electric piano, organ, synth and sample playback instrument, the Nord Stage 2 is hard to beat.
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Keyboard Magazine Review


A model of how a premium instrument for professional keyboardists should sound and behave.
More desirable than ever for putting on the bottom (or only) tier of your gigging keyboard stand
What justifies the Stage 2's existence in today's crowded market of all-in-one gig keyboards? It's the combination in a single instrument of all these sounds and features: killer organ and vintage keys, breathtaking acoustic pianos, analog- and digitalsounding synthesizers, workstation-like general-purpose sounds, the ability to load your own samples, effects that are easy to apply and adjust on a whim, and an action that really connects you to the sounds.
Nord has rolled all of it into one classy mothership of a keyboard that's a genuine joy to play. Being able to stack and split all these sounds almost instantly, without paging through edit parameters, is most refreshing, and I believe that the Stage 2 will earn its keep very quickly in just about any gig.
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MusikerMagasinet Review


The Nord Stage 2 is no compromise – each part delivers in all aspects, and having all these combined in one unit is an advantage.
The new features has turned it into a full-fledged synth.

MIPA Award 2011


Best Stage Piano

The Nord Stage 2 was awarded the MIPA award for 'Best Stage Piano' at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in April 2011.