Nord Drum 3 Manager

Simple sound management for the Nord Drum 3P!


The Nord Drum 3 Manager software lets you send or receive individual Kit and Drum Banks to and from your Nord Drum 3P, making it easy to load new factory banks, backup your current banks or easily share sounds with other Nord Drum 3P users.

Connect MIDI in and Out of your Nord Drum 3P to your computer’s MIDI interface. Setup the Nord Drum 3 Manager to send and receive MIDI on the ports used on your MIDI interface and you are ready to roll!

To send a bank to your Nord Drum 3P, simply click the Kit or Drum "Send Bank" button and select the bank file (.nd3_kitbank or .nd3_drumbank) to transfer. Set a destination Bank in the Nord Drum 3P to be overwritten. Hit send to transfer the bank.

To transfer a bank from your Nord Drum 3P memory to your computer, click the Kit or Drum "Get Bank" button and select the source bank and a desired file name.