Nord Sample Editor 2

The Nord Sample Editor let's you load your own WAV files into your Nord keyboard! Adjustments, loop points, pitch and level are all done within an easy to use application, and will get your started in no time!

The Editor will assist you in your editing efforts; it contains powerful tools for various actions that can be applied to a sample. These tools will for instance help you in setting a start point of a sample, creating a loop and other tasks that are essential in making the samples ready for use in the Nord unit. The Editor also has functions for automatic mapping of samples across the keyboard and much more.

Nord Stage 3, Electro 6 and Piano 4 owners: From Nord Sound Manager v7.22 NSMP-files are automatically converted to the new NSMP 3.0 format when needed.

The Tabs

The Tabs gives you direct access to the pages and tools in the Nord Sample Editor Manager.

Sample instruments

A set of samples with zone settings is a Sample Instrument. The Sample Instrument can be selected in the Nord Wave Oscillator 2 as a waveform, in the Nord Stage 2 Synth as a waveform and by choosing the SampLib type and model in the Electro 3/4/5 and Piano 2/3.

Any kind of sample may be assigned to any zone, which means that a Sample Instrument can consist of several different sounds, mapped across the keyboard. You can e.g. create a drum type Sample Instrument with one sound for each key, or create multiple splits by assigning different samples to different keyboard ranges - e.g. bass samples in the lower register, followed by piano samples higher up on the keyboard

Adding audio files and map them

Adding files is easy and if the file names have root note indicators (for example Bass D#4.wav), the Sample Editor will help you to map lots of samples accross the keyboard in seconds.

Sample editing and looping

Setting a starting point for a sample to e.g. eliminate any unwanted audio at the beginning, is a one-click function in the Nord Sample Editor.

The Editor has some very powerful loop functions that make creating perfect, seamless loops a breeze. The loop makes it possible to use shorter samples that still can be played for a duration that is longer than the sample itself. The loop functions also includes a crossfade option that can be monitored in real time, with various options for the length, crossfade curves etc.

Sample preset

When the audio files have been mapped and the loops are set, you can attach a set of functions to the sample in the Sample Preset page. These functions are always activated if you select the sample in a Nord Electro 3. They are recalled if you manually call up the Sample Init function in a Nord Wave.

When you have completed the mapping and looping, you can generate a Sample Instrument and automatically download the sample data to the Flash memory in the Nord instrument. The real estate of the Flash memory has a fixed capacity and to keep track on how much room you have left, there is an indicator in the Nord Sample Editor that will help you to manage the available space.

It is not necessary to have a Nord unit connected to the computer in order to work with a Sample Editor project. You can add audio files, map and loop them, and then connect the computer to the instrument when the samples are ready to be downloaded.