Nord Electro 2 Electric Pianos


The following sounds are available to the Nord Electro 2 as well as the original Nord Electro. Please note that the downloadable files are in .zip format and has to be un-zipped in order to show up in the Electro Tool software.


Nord Electro 2 E.Piano1 Built in May 1978 and adjusted to ‘deep’ timbre. The so-called volume adjustment was set to ‘low’.
Nord Electro 2 E.Piano2 Built in January 1975. We fine-tuned the mechanics and adjusted the tines according to the ‘ideal’ timbre adjustment.
Nord Electro 2 E.Piano3 Built in April 1981 and adjusted to ‘shallow’ timbre. Remember this sound? It became famous thanks to the great Chick Corea.
Nord Electro 2 E.Piano4 Built in June 1984 and adjusted to ‘ideal’ timbre. The volume adjustment is set to ‘close’.
Nord Electro 2 Clavinet1 Model D6 featuring all filter and pick-up variations of the original instrument.
Nord Electro 2 Wurlitzer1 Felt-dressed hammers on metal reeds provides a very distinct, expressive and musical sound.