Nord Electro 2 Grand Pianos


The following sounds are available to the Nord Electro 2 as well as the original Nord Electro. Please note that the downloadable files are in .zip format and has to be un-zipped in order to show up in the Electro Tool software.


Nord Electro 2 AcGrand1 Steinway Model D, acoustic grand piano, in mono.
Nord Electro 2 AcGrand2 Malmsjö grand piano, in stereo
Nord Electro 2 AcGrand3 Malmsjö Acoustic grand piano in stereo with close miking.
Nord Electro 2 AcGrand4 Upright piano manufactured by Swedish Piano Factory, carefully tuned to sound like a typical “parlour” piano.
Nord Electro 2 AcGrand5 C7 Conservatory Grand. Acoustic grand piano adopted from the Nord Stage sample library.
Nord Electro 2 AcGrand6 Steinway D, acoustic grand piano with close miking adopted from the Nord Stage sample library.