EP2 MK I Suitcase, Close Ideal


Mk I Suitcase built in January 1975. We optimized the mechanics and adjusted the tines to "ideal timbre". The volume adjustment is "close".

What are the Enhanced Versions?

  • Our enhanced Electric Pianos have been refined for optimal sound quality and the new L and XL versions feature additional velocity layers for extended and more detailed dynamic response. 
  • The new Dyno Filters require the new Enhanced Versions (V6).
  • Nord Sound Manager 7.40 or later is required to transfer Enhanced Versions (V6).

NOTE: The Enhanced EPs require an OS Update and are compatible with Nord Stage 2/2/ EX/3, Piano 3/4/5, Electro 5/6, Grand.

Enhanced Versions (V6)

Original Version (V5)