Enhanced EP collection and dedicated EP filters

Our enhanced Electric Pianos have been refined for optimal sound quality and the new L and XL versions feature additional velocity layers for extended and more detailed dynamic response.

Accompanying the enhanced EPs are brand new EP Filters exclusively designed for our vintage Electric Pianos to broaden your sonic palette. The dedicated EP filters include 5 modes: Soft, Mid, Bright, Dyno 1 and Dyno 2 . 

Soft, Mid and Bright

The first three filters are dedicated to the EP's in the same manner as the filters for the acoustic pianos, but tailored to fit the EP characteristics.   

1. Soft: Reduces the treble and bell-sound 
2. Mid: Boosts the upper mid-range
3. Bright: Boosts the upper mid-range and adds brilliance/treble

Dyno 1 & 2

The legendary Dyno preamp, customized for vintage EP's, formed a characteristic punchy, bell-like sound and was an essential part of the classic West Coast sound made famous by artists such as Al Jarreau, George Duke, Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan.

4. Dyno 1: This mode represents a setting on the Dyno preamp boosting the upper range.
5. Dyno 2: Represents a setting on the Dyno preamp with both frequency filters boosted ”Overtone” & ”Bass” mixed with full Normal boost for ”body”.

The Dyno 1 & 2 EP Filters only work with the new Enhanced V6 versions of the EPs.



The Enhanced EPs (V6) and EP Filters are compatible with Nord Stage 3, Nord Electro 6 and Nord Piano 4 and require an OS Update (OS v2.0 or later).
The Enhanced EPs (V6) are compatible with Nord Stage 2/ 2 EX (require OS v3.00 or later), Nord Electro 5 (require OS v2.00 or later) and Nord Piano 3 (require OS v2.00 or later). 

Note: The latest Nord Sound Manager 7.42 is required to transfer the new Enhanced EP versions (V6).


The new Enhanced Versions can be downloaded in the Electric Piano section of the Nord Piano Library.

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