Symphobia Strings

We are proud to offer one of the finest and most authentic symphonic strings libraries available - the Symphobia Collection by ProjectSAM. 

The Symphobia Strings collection contains a unique selection of outstanding symphonic strings from true ensemble recordings of a full symphony orchestra. Recorded in genuine concert halls with both stage and close mic perspective, Symphobia provides an extremely rich, expressive and natural sounding ensemble strings collection. The well crafted sounds include a wide range of articulations such as legato, staccato and pizzicato providing a versatile selection for scoring films, pop music and sound design.

  • Live recordings of orchestral string section
  • Genuine concert hall recordings
  • Close & Stage mic perspectives
  • Strings sections recorded as ensembles, pre-seated on the stage
  • Close mapping for ultimate realism and sonic richness


Video Demo:

Watch Joel Lyssarides play the Symphobia Strings collection on the Nord Stage 3.

About ProjectSAM
ProjectSAM is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and was founded in 2001 by composers Maarten Spruijt, Vincent Beijer and Marco Deegenaars. ProjetcSAM has become one of the most respected orchestral sample development companies and their sounds are being used worldwide by the industry’s leading composers and can be heard in many blockbuster films, television series and video games. Read more about ProjectSAM