Philicorda GM753


Extensive collection of sounds from the Philips Philicorda GM751 and GM753 transistor organs. Launched in the 1960's, the Philicorda GM571 was an affordable, compact single manual home organ with a built in spring reverb and speaker. The later Philicorda GM753 did not include the built-in speaker and the Chord function but is quite similar sounding otherwise. Some famous Philicorda users include The Cardigans, Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Adele.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of the assorted samples by Åke Danielson. PCord753 Vox1, PCord753 Vox2, PCord753 Vox3, PCord753 Vox4, PCord753 Vox5, PCord753 Vox6, PCord753 Vox7, PCord753 Vox8, PCord753 Vox9, PCord753 Vox10, PCord753 Vox11. All with some reverb.

Sound list

  • PCord753 Vox1 (= Vox all stops)
  • PCord753 Vox2 (= Vox I 8')
  • PCord753 Vox3 (= Vox I II IV 8'+ 4')
  • PCord753 Vox4 (= Vox I III IV V 8'+ 4'+ 2')
  • PCord753 Vox5 (= Vox I III V 8'+ 2')
  • PCord753 Vox6 (= Vox I und V 8'+ 4')
  • PCord753 Vox7 (= Vox II)
  • PCord753 Vox8 (= Vox II III V 8'+ 2')
  • PCord753 Vox9 (= Vox III 8')
  • PCord753 Vox10 (= Vox IV 8')
  • PCord753 Vox11 (= Vox V 8')

I to V are the original Tone color buttons
Vox I to V include the 4' and 2' up to C8, access via Transpose function