Hohner Pianet N


The Hohner Pianet was one of most popular electric keyboards in the 60's and has an instantly recognizable sound that blended well with electric guitars without drowning. The Pianet used accordion reeds that were plucked with adhesive pads, it was slightly velocity sensitive but like the Clavinet it did not feature a sustain mechanism. Due to a construction flaw, the Pianets generally didn't age very well due to materials that dissolved with age - and decent replacement parts were hard to come by.

This particular instrument is a "Pianet N" model (introduced 1965) and has been restored to its original condition by Australian enthusiast David Robertson. Thanks to David and Barry Carson for all the time they've put into making these samples possible!

Some famous Pianet users include: The Zombies, The Kingsmen, Bryan Ferry and The Beatles.

Included in the .zip file is a PDF-file with a bit of general history and background on the Pianet by Barry Carson.

Sound demos


Listen to a soundclip (by Barry Carson). (Some reverb was added).

Sound list

  • Pianet N