Chamberlin Brass


Filenaming explanations: MMaster origins from the Music Master series. M origins from the M-series. The rest of the sounds are taken from a previously unused, unreleased archive.

Sound demos

Sound Demo by Åke Danielson

Sound list

  • 4 Brass MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • 4 Saxes MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • Alto Sax MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • Bass Clarinet MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • Flute MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M AltoSax_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Basson_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Doo-Waa Trombone_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M French Horn_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Muted Trumped FastVib_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Oboe_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Open Trumpet_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Slur Trombone_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Tenor Sax Metallic_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • M Trombone_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • Muted Trombone MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • Muted Trumpet MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • Open Trombone MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • Open Trumpet MMaster_Chamberlin.nsmp
  • WaaWaa Trumpet_Chamberlin.nsmp