Mellotron Organs


11 different Organ, Tonewheel, Tibia and Church/Pipe sounds from the MK I and MK II, and the Mellotron M400

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of some of the samples (by Åke Danielson). Organ MkII Mellotron / Organ MkI Mellotron / ChurchOrgan MkII Mellotron / RevOrgan MkI Mellotron / Tibia MkI Mellotron with FX: CHOR2 / Pipe Organ M400 Mellotron. All sounds with some reverb

Sound list

  • ChurchOrgan MkI_Mellotron_v4
  • ChurchOrgan MkII_Mellotron_v4
  • Hammond C3 M400_Mellotron_v4
  • Hammond MkI_Mellotron_v4
  • Hammond MkII_Mellotron_v4
  • Organ MkI_Mellotron_v4
  • Organ MkII_Mellotron_v4
  • Pipe Organ M400_Mellotron_v4
  • RevOrgan MkI_Mellotron_v4
  • Tibia MkI_Mellotron_v4
  • Tibia MkII_Mellotron_v4