Mellotron Tuned Percussion


7 percussion sounds, including Celeste, Marimba, Vibes and Tubular Bells.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip (by Åke Danielson). (Vibraphone MkII Mellotron / Marimba MkI Mellotron / Slow Vibra M300 Mellotron / Celeste M300 Mellotron / TubularBellsM400 Mellotron. All sounds with some reverb).

Sound list

  • Celeste M400_Mellotron_v4
  • Marimba MkI_Mellotron_v4
  • Celeste M300_Mellotron_v4
  • TubularBellsM400_Mellotron_v4
  • Vibes NoVib M400_Mellotron_v4
  • Vibraphone MkII_Mellotron_v4
  • Slow Vibra M300_Mellotron_v4