Mellotron Voices


6 instruments with various voice and choir sounds from the M400.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip (by Åke Danielson). (MaleSoloVoice M400 Mellotron / MixCustChoir M400 Mellotron / BoysChoir M400 Mellotron / 4VoiceFemChoir MellotronM400 / 4VoiceMaleChoir Mellotron M400. All sounds with some reverb).

Sound list

  • 4VoiceFemChoir_MellotronM400_v4
  • 4VoiceMaleChoir_Mellotron M400_v4
  • 8VoiceChoirM400_Mellotron_v4 - Radiohead, Genesis, Tangerine Dream
  • BoysChoir M400_Mellotron_v4
  • MaleSoloVoice M400_Mellotron_v4
  • MixCustChoirM400_Mellotron_v4