Sonatina Strings


The Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra is a Creative Commons-licenced sample library featuring a great selection of symphonic instrument sounds. In cooperation with Sonatina founder Mattias Westlund we've choosen a wide range of quality sounds from the library covering Strings, Brass, Percussion and Woodwinds - over 50 sounds in total for you to enjoy.

This archive contains Violins, Violas, Basses, Celli and Harp sounds from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra library, as solo and ensemble sounds.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip (by Åke Danielson). All with some reverb.

Sound list

  • SO 1stVioPizz_ste
  • SO 1stVioStacc_ste
  • SO 1stVioSus_ste
  • SO 2ndVioStacc_ste
  • SO 2ndVioSus_ste
  • SO BassesPizz_ste
  • SO BassesStacc_ste
  • SO BassesSus_ste
  • SO CelliPizz_ste.nsmp
  • SO CelliStacc_ste.nsmp
  • SO CelliSus_ste.nsmp
  • SO CelloSolo_ste.nsmp
  • SO Harp_ste.nsmp
  • SO ViolasPizz_ste.nsmp
  • SO ViolasSus_ste.nsmp
  • SO ViolinSolo_ste.nsmp