Choirs and Voices


The human voice is really a unique and delightful instrument. The archive contains the previously released six samples from Kirk Hunter (KH), Sonic Reality (SR) and Pontus Henrikson (PH), and four recent samples from Back in Time Records (BR).

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of some of the Choir and Voice samples (by Åke Danielson).


Sound list

  • Boys AHH__ste KHv4
  • Boys AHHVib__ste KHv4
  • Choir Aahs_ste BR
  • Choir Boys_ste BR
  • Choir Female_ste BR
  • Choir Mixed_ste BR
  • Choir Uuhs_ste BR
  • Choir_ste_PH
  • Feminine_ste_PH
  • PontusChoir_ste_PH
  • SplitChoirAH__ste SRv4