Marque Gilmore Bank


Marque Gilmore, born in Cambridge Massachusetts, is critically acclaimed worldwide as a superbly innovative drummer/percussionist, future-music producer/composer and live music performance pioneer. For nearly 25 years Marque has been working globally as a professional musician, producer and cultural arts practitioner with his flagship music & multi-media performance project DRUM-FM- receiving numerous arts grants & special music commissions, working with high-level pop, dance and R&B artists, underground dance & electronic music innovators, classical music virtuosos, African master musicians, Bengali Sufi singers, Indian classical artists, Rock’n’Roll icons and Jazz legends.

The Marque Gilmore Bank contains 23 kits. 

Use the Nord Drum 2 Manager to transfer the sounds (requires that you have updated your Nord Drum 2 to OS v2.10+). 

Sound demos

Sound Demos by Marque Gilmore. Some reverb added.