Nord Drum 2 Beem Bank


Beem pioneered the synth funk genre "Skweee", on the Swedish Flogsta Danshall label. The latest album "Beem Sings With His Hands" stands out with it's unique combination of dry digital funk and clear melodies. Sloppy but clean, sharp but imperfect.

"Sound is so personal, you can literally turn a knob on a piece of equipment and move between what two different people think is cool. I find Nord drum exciting cause it's range is so huge. You can go from timid to dirty in seconds. The kits i made shows Nord Drum 2 from my point of view - pour some Brandy, a splash of Aphex and some Young Marble Giants in a glass and stir. The demos are recorded in one take, pure Nord Drum 2 controlled via midi, no effects or processing added."

Use the Nord Drum 2 Manager to transfer the sounds (requires that you have updated your Nord Drum 2 to OS v2.10+). 

25 kits in total