Nord Drum 2 Factory Sounds


With the release of the new Nord Drum 2 OS v2.10+ we have reworked the entire factory banks. The new Factory sounds are divided into 4 Banks:

Bank 1 & 2: Kits. Features plenty of sounds of drum machines and acoustic-like sounds. All kits contains a kick and a snare - the rest of the sounds vary from cymbals, claps, shakers and lots of great toms.
Bank 3: Tuned Percussion sounds. Marimbas, metals and string-like melodic percussion. The actual scales can be changed quickly with the Edit Group's Scale Preset feature.
Bank 4: Fantasy Sounds. Very diverse collection of sounds ranging from effect-heavy programs to a something called Zombie Apocalypse.

Use the Nord Drum 2 Manager to transfer the sounds (requires that you have updated your Nord Drum 2 to OS v2.10+). 

The bank numbers are only suggestions - you can put them in any of the 8 banks you want.

Contents: 4 Banks x 50 Programs each.