Nord Electro 2 Factory Sounds


The Nord Electro 2 Factory Programs are provided as MIDI dumps stored in the Standard MIDI file format (SMF or .mid). 

The Programs can be transfered to the instrument using a MIDI Dump Utility or librarian software such as the SysEx Librarian by Snoize on the Mac platform or MIDI-OX for Windows users. Most commercial sequencer/DAW software will also accept and play the SMF format.

For the Piano Factory Bank use the Nord Electro Tool to transfer the piano samples to the instrument. The Tool connects to the Nord Electro via its USB port and reports a valid connection by showing the message 'Connected to Nord Electro'.

Note: It is important that the Piano Samples are loaded to the specific positions given in the table below for programs to correctly refer to used Pianos.

Factory Sound Banks

Separate files for partial restoration.

Nord Electro 2 Factory Piano Bank v3.0 All Piano Library files (.cn3) used by the Factory Bank.

Sound list

Piano Factory Setup

The table below shows the factory setup for the Nord Electro 2.

E.piano1_3 El.Grand2_2
Wur1_2 Ac.Grand5_1
Clav1_2 E.Piano2_2