Dave Mackay Sound Bank


We are excited to offer an exclusive new patch collection for Nord Stage 3 created by the brilliant keyboardist/producer Dave Mackay! The sound bank features 25 signature patches including powerful arpeggios, punchy pop pianos, ambient EPs and evolving pads.

"I wanted to make a sound bank that kind of represents all the genres that I'm interested in, so the sounds in here are for electronic producers, ambient composing, pop music and even for like a jazz trio" 

Dave Mackay is a British keyboardist/producer/musical director based in Los Angeles, CA and has worked with a wide range of artists including Art Garfunkel, Plini, Lapsley and Pomplamoose. 

To fully appreciate the patches make sure to explore the Morphs assigned to the Modulation Wheel and Control Pedal!



Dave Mackay Signature Sound Bank Bundle Dave Mackay Signature Sound Bank for Nord Stage 3 (25 Sounds)


  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Nord Sound Manager.
  2. Connect the Nord Stage 3 to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. In Nord Sound Manager select the Program tab and select an empty bank from the Bank dropdown menu.
  4. Drag the Bundle file onto the Program area. Optionally use the Sound Down/Bundle Down icon of the Nord Sound Manager toolbar and browse to the folder or bundle in the dialog.