Royal Grand 3D

Elegant, natural and well-balanced Grand Piano


We are excited to present our first binaural piano recording – taking the Nord piano experience to a new level!

The Royal Grand 3D is our first piano recorded using a dummy head microphone and is a premium concert piano with an elegant, natural and well-balanced tone.

This binaural recording technique is designed for headphone playback, but the Royal Grand 3D sounds amazing on regular stereo speakers too.

Nefertiti MKI (Updated)

Vintage, roadworn Electric Piano in the Nord Piano Library!


UPDATE 11/9 2016: New version 5.5 fixes an issue with a detuned C# sample.

The Nefertiti MKI is a funky old workhorse that has spent most of its days in the darkest corners of the legendary Nefertiti jazz club in Gothenburg.

Some replaced tines of mixed generations (Square Silver Tone Bars/Ray Mac), tips, pickups and grommets which makes each note special in it’s own individual way. Slight unevenness in timbre, dynamics and sustain are classic attributes in these instruments and a big part of their charm and inspiring playability.

Check out some sound demos below and download the new Nefertiti MKI here!

OS Update for Nord Drum 3P

Adds 4 Drum KIt banks


The new OS v1.24 adds 4 Drum Kit banks to the Nord Drum 3P making it possible to store Drum Kits without overwriting factory presets. It also fixes a bug related to long Reverb types.

NOTE: A new updated Nord Drum 3 Manager supporting the added Drum Kit banks is also available! 

The new OS v1.24 can be downloaded here and the new Nord Drum 3 Manager v1.22 here.

For a detailed list of updates see Update History here: Nord Drum 3P and Nord Drum 3 Manager.

Bambino Upright

Warm and shimmering spinet piano


The latest addition to the Nord Piano Library is The Bambino Upright - a wonderful spinet piano (also referred to as pianettes or bambino pianos). This piano type has graced many a living room and is perfect for the sunday coffee concert.

Download the Bambino Upright here and listen to sound demos below!

Nord Piano 3 information

Important keybed clarification


Due to different technical aspects we made the decision not to use the Ivory keybed for the Nord Piano 3 as announced at NAMM 2016. With the exception of the key surface all aspects of the keybed are the same as when first announced.