Baby Upright

Charming short scale Upright with huge sound


Our latest addition to the Nord Piano Libary is a compact short scale piano of Swedish descent with a very distinct character.

The Baby Upright has a prominent mid with a slender bass due to the shorter strings. When pressing the sustain pedal the sound really comes alive with a lively ambience.  

Download the Baby Upright here

Nord Sample Converter

Convert your samples to the new sample format used in the Nord Stage 3!


The Nord Sample Converter converts your existing Version 1 & 2 (.nsmp) files to the new Version 3 (.nsmp3) format used in the Nord Stage 3. Simply drag the .nsmp files to the application window and new .nsmp3 versions are automatically created inside a folder called "nsmp3" in the source folder.

Important: Converted files require Nord Stage 3 OS v1.32  or later

Download and read more about the Nord Sample Converter here.

Nord Stage 3 OS Update v1.32

Improvements and bug fixes


The new OS v1.32 includes refined B3 Organ model, full support for converted .nsmp files and bugfixes. See Update history for a complete list of changes.

Download the Nord Stage 3 OS v1.32 here!

We recommend all Nord Stage 3 owners to update their instruments! 

Layers and Digital Grands

New category and sounds in the Nord Piano Library


We have just added a new Layer category to the Nord Piano Library. The Layer category contains expressive, multi-sampled layered combinations of classic synths and pianos reminiscent of the 80's and 90's. 

Additionally, we have also added 2 new vintage Digital Grand pianos, DigiGrand 1 and 2 to our Digital Piano category. 

All these sounds were introduced with the Nord Stage 3 factory bank, and are now available for instruments compatible with the Nord Piano Library.

Amber Upright

Warm, soulful and clear addition to the Nord Piano Library


Our latest addition to the Nord Piano Library is a magnificent large sized Upright of German descent. The Amber Upright is warm, soulful and clear and is more reminiscent of a small grand piano due to its size.

Check out sound demos below and download the Amber Upright here.