Mellotron Master Tapes

Mellotron Master Tapes

Exclusive new addition to Nord Sample Library


We are very proud to offer these exclusive original Master Tape recordings that were used to produce the legendary sounds of the Mellotron.  

The Master Tapes offer high fidelity versions of the classic Mellotron sounds, as well as several previously unreleased Mellotron sounds and ultra-rare custom made sounds for Yes, Roxy Music, Genesis, Jack Bruce, BSabbath and Tangerine Dream and more. We are also thrilled to finally include the charming Rhythms and Fills from the Mellotron MK I and MK II.

Download the unique Mellotron Master Tapes here!

Mellow Upright

Unique new gentle soft-hammered Upright


This Upright was fitted with extra soft felt hammers to accommodate a more mellow, dampened tone. With its gentle dynamic response the Mellow Upright is a unique addition to our Nord Piano Library, and a real gem if you have a preference for a calm, dreamy and rich feel.

Download the new Mellow Upright here!

Important information:
Owners of Nord Electro 3, Nord Electro 3 HP, Nord Electro 4, Nord Stage and Nord Stage EX are strongly recommended to upgrade to the most recent OS version for optimal performance.

OS Updates

Important updates for our stage pianos


We are now releasing a series of important OS updates for our Stage and Electro series.

In addition to fixing model specific bugs, some bugfixes apply to several products: 

Piano Release: Fixes a bug that could cause the Piano engine to select the wrong velocity for Release samples.
Products affected: Nord StageNord Stage EXNord Electro 3Nord Electro 3 HPNord Electro 4

Piano Dynamics: Fixes a bug in the dynamic curves. This fix improves the sensitivity when playing soft/low velocities.
Products affected: Nord Electro 3 HPNord Electro 4 HP

USB MIDI: Fixes a bug where the USB MIDI interface would become unavailable after the host computer had been put to sleep mode.
Products affected: Nord Electro 4

There updates are strongly recommended for all owners! Head over to the Download section to download the updates!

Kroffe Bank

Vintage sounds for the Nord Lead A1


Clavia employee Kristofer "Kroffe "Ulfves has created a solid sound bank with a focus on finding the vintage sweetspots in the Nord Lead A1. Check out the sound demo below and head on over to the Nord Lead A1 product library to download the the new sounds, 99 Programs and 100 Performances!

Tilliander Bank

25 brilliant kits for the Nord Drum 2


Swedish electronica legend Andreas Tilliander has created 25 great kits for the Nord Drum 2. Andreas is a man of many aliases such as his most recent creation TM404, but perhaps you also have heard of Svaag, Skitus, Mokira, Lowfour or Rechord? Tokyo, Nagano, Taipei, Shanghai, New York City, Bern, Venice have all witnessed TM404 and his unique analog hardware live sets. Richie Hawtin is a fan and has invited the man behind TM404 twice to his Enter experience at Space, Ibiza.

Tilliander’s Nord Drum 2 bank concentrates on bring out the electronic soul of the machine in 25 amazing kits. The sound demos were made using external sequencing with real-time controller changes and a minimum of external processing.

Check out a sound demo below and head over to the Tilliander Bank to hear more and to download the sounds!