Silver Grand

Expressive, brilliant new Grand Piano now available for free download!


We're thrilled to present our latest addition to the Nord Piano Library! The Silver Grand is a medium sized grand piano of Japanese descent with a fantastically brilliant and expressive tone! The Silver Grand is available in XL, Large, Medium and Small sizes.

Check out some sound demos below and download the new Silver Grand here:

The Nord Piano Library is compatible with the Nord Stage/EX/2/2 EX, Nord Electro 3/4/5 and Nord Piano 1/2.

OS Update

Important OS update for Nord Electro 5


This OS v1.22 update fixes a bug introduced with the recently released v1.20 where the cleaning process in Nord Sound Manager could cause Nord Electro 5 to hang. This update also fixes a bug where set lists would sometimes reference the wrong programs when re-organizing programs. 

OS v1.22 also includes the important bug fix from v1.20 where Drawbar adjustments in the Nord Electro 5 HP would start from the wrong value. 

In addition to this, OS v1.22 also includes a number of great improvements for all Electro 5 models:

  • The Electro 5 now can be fully utilized as top manual when B3 organ is used in MIDI Split Mode, as either of the two presets now can have percussion activated (only one at a time).
  • Added Menu Setting for using the Sustain Pedal to change Rotary Speaker speed.
  • The Transpose feature can now be applied to MIDI in or out, through the MIDI menu.
  • Part Upper now supports Pitch Bend from an external MIDI keyboard, when in MIDI Split Mode.

We strongly recommend all Nord Electro 5 users to update to OS v1.22! 

Download the new updates here. Full update history can be found here.

Nord Sound Manager update

Updated icons and graphics!


The new Nord Sound Manager v6.70 features new improved graphic design and a few minor bug fixes.

Edit: Now updated to v6.72 after an additional minor fix.

Download the new version here

OS Updates

Improvements for Nord Stage 2 EX and Nord Stage 2


We are now releasing a new OS update v2.10 for our Stage 2 EX and Stage 2 models. 

New updates include:

  • A new Dynamics (velocity) curve added, replacing the old "Normal" setting (no LED lit in Dynamics section). The new curve provides improved dynamic control when playing soft and makes the keyboard slightly "heavier". The old "Normal" curve is moved to position 1 and the old curves 1 and 2 were merged into position 2. Curve number 3 is the same as before. Important! Programs stored with the old "Normal" curve will be automatically re-stored to use the curve in position 1, the old "Normal" curve. Programs stored using old curves 1 or 2 will use the new merged curve in position 2 upon update. 
  • Improved reliability of USB MIDI and USB sleep/resume behaviour.
  • Support for upcoming NSMP v2 format added.
  • Minor bugfixes and changes.

Download the new OS v2.10 here: Nord Stage 2 EX and Nord Stage 2 

Full update history can be found here: Nord Stage 2 EX and Nord Stage 2

Note: The Nord Stage 2 EX and Nord Stage 2 share the same operating system. Download and update history pages are kept separate for clarity only.

Woodturner Aaby Henriksson

Happy Birthday Mr. Pitch Stick!

Meet the man who has handcrafted every single Pitch Stick since the 90's


In a small workshop in southern Sweden one man has handcrafted every single Pitch Stick for our Nord Leads, Nord Waves, Nord Modulars and Nord Stages. His name is Aaby Henriksson, he has just turned 80 years old – and he’s still going strong!

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