Nord gives me the opportunity to create the perfect vibe and sounds. It makes people feel the emotions I try to bring to them even more.

Koen Smets


Associated acts:

Rooftop Renegades
Axelle Red
Lester Snell
Dominique Vantomme
Katerine Avgoustakis

Koen Smets is a young singer songwriter who competed in the tv show ‘The Voice of Flanders 2014’ with his twin brother Jo. Their coach was Axelle Red and eventually they were the first duo ever to reach the final episode of the show worldwide. Eventually they finished third. After the show they formed the band ‘Rooftop Renegades’, wich is a indie folk / pop rock band. They also play in a coverband named ‘duplicate’.  Some of the names they have played with include Axelle Red, Lester Snell, Dominique Vantomme, Katerine Avgoustakis.

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