I love my vintage keyboards like my own children, but when it comes to stability, variety, flexibility and, of course, sound quality - I can’t think of a better solution than the Nord family. And the ability to quickly tweak a twist a couple of knobs to get to the result I want, makes my Nords an indispensable part of my live setup

Martin Sommer


Associated acts:

Rasmus Seebach
Tina Dickow
The Storm
Julie Berthelsen
Sanne Salomonsen
Marie Frank
MC Einar

Martin Sommer (1976) is an acclaimed danish keyboard player based in Copenhagen, with a long list of Scandinavian artists on the resume. Martin graduated from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music in 2002, and has been deeply involved in the Scandinavian music scene since the mid nineties. Especially his collaboration with multi platinum-selling Rasmus Seebach, and with the critically acclaimed danish sigersongwriter Tina Dickow through many years, stands out.  

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