I have fancied a funky red Nord for many years. They are renowned for their character, hand-made Swedish build quality, and weird, wonderful, individual high-end sounds. I almost got myself a Nord Lead a couple of years ago, but was concerned about having the time to programme in the sounds - and then came along the Nord Lead A1 - designed for people with busy lives who need to quickly programme, and get stunning results. After only twenty minutes of demoing it — I was hooked. Since owning it, I am in knob- twiddling paradise. I feel like that sixteen year old kid again when he got his first analogue synth. In summary, it’s fun and funky, but with some seriously epic sounds.

Rob Cottingham


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Rob started his musical career with a school band, later forming a rock band called ‘Cinema'. In the early 90's, he gigged with an RnB band - but was always itching to write his own material. He formed 'Ghost' in ’95, gigging with rock covers.
Rob later wrote, arranged and produced his own album. ’Behind The Orchard Tree’ was recorded at Linford Manor Studios, UK, and released in March 2002 - from which Touchstone was founded, with the name taken from one of Rob’s lyrics in the album, representing a dynamic combination of sensitivity, and hard-hitting rock.

Touchstone went on to release one EP, four albums, a double live album and a live DVD, hitting the UK rock album charts at No34 in 2011 and No26 in 2013 after being signed for the last two albums. The band toured UK, Europe and USA.
Rob also recorded another solo album, Captain Blue, released in 2013 on his own label, featuring a solo from Steve Hackett, and Steve’s drummer, Gary O’Toole, on drums - as well as a narrative from Bond actor and voice of Scott Tracy from Thunderbirds - Shane Rimmer.

!Renowned reviewer Geoff Barton, from Classic Rock Magazine, described Rob as “Peterborough’s answer to Vangelis”. 

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