Whoever I’ve played with, I’ve always used electronic sounds in my setup! Nord Drum 3P radically changed my opinion about electronic music! That is a revolution in drum modules world. Constructive and practical solution for drum sounds for all styles of contemporary music

Victor Korzhenko


Associated acts:

Drymba Da Dzyga
Tanok na majdani Kongo

Victor Korzhenko was born and grew up in Kyiv. He started his professional career in 1994 and has worked with some of the most renowned Ukrainian bands such as "So", "Borshch", "Scriabin", "Drymba Da Dzyga" and "Tanok na majdani Kongo”. Korzhenko has won rock band contests in the biggest Ukrainian festivals – Perlyny sezonu and Chervona ruta and also performed at festivals in Poland, Georgia, Baltic countries and France.

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