I’m an ex-Jazz-Pianist turned Singer/Composer-Producer. So while one half of me refuses to compromise on the sound, playability and authenticity of my keys while performing, the other needs to focus on the singing and direct interaction with my audience without tons of gear in the way. Nord was a no-brainer for me. These aren't factory-churned anonymous machines but hand-made instruments that have the kind of soul that lets the player develop a legitimate musical relationship with them. The portability of the electro probably makes it my most used axe since it makes travelling with my instrument as on-flight hand-baggage a possibility for internationally touring independent artists like me.

T.L. Mazumdar


Nominated for German Jazz Awards 'Bremer Jazzpreis 2012' and 'Future Sounds Jazz Award 2014’, the Indian-German Singer-Songwriter/Composer-Producer has been called ‘...a major talent' by Jack Douglas (Producer: Miles Davis/John Lennon) and one who ‘’...personifies multiculturalism like few others do’’. by Rolling Stone Magazine. In the past decade he has toured international Jazz-Festivals in Asia and Europe, collaborated onstage and in the studio with award-winning Producers and musicians from around the globe, composed for film and Theater and been included on the first official Anthology of Indian Electronic Artists (HUB-Indian Electronica Yearbook Project) together with the likes of Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawhney and Karsh Kale. T.L. currently lives and works between Germany, UK and India.


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