In need of assistance?

Using your Nord instrument should be an intuitive and straight-forward experience. If you encounter any difficulties the following sources of information might prove helpful.

Check the user manual 

The user manual describes all functions of your instrument and is available in the Download section of this website.

Download the latest OS 

Bug-fixes and new funcionallity are sometimes available for your instrument. Check the Download section of this website.

Consult your point of purchase 

Experienced professionals are available to answer questions regarding your instruments functionality as well as large set-up operations.

Nord Speedy Tutorials

Check out Nord Speedy Tutorials - a series of short tutorial videos designed to answer specific frequently asked questions and to provide helpful tips for Nord users.

User forums 

Browse the many user forums for tips and tricks from other users

In need of spare parts or maintenance?

Warranty and maintenance is handled by our distributors, and in some cases by special service centers. Please consult your point of purchase for detailed information.

Contact Technical Support 

After you have submitted your support request, it will be sent to our distributor in your country. A copy will also be CC'ed to the Nord HQ. Read more about how we use your Personal Information in our Privacy Policy

An answer will then be delivered to the email address you stated in the support form. If you haven't received an answer within a few working days, you may want to make sure that the reply hasn't been mistakenly classified as junk mail by your email client or email provider. 
During holidays, summer vacation periods and weekends, the reply time can be somewhat longer.

(If your unit needs service, this allows us to recommend the closest service center)
Displayed at power up
Required for software related problems
Printed on the rear panel

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