Nord Modular Factory Sounds


Factory Patches for the Nord Modular and Nord Micro Modular.

Each Bank contains a Patch List file, which makes it possible to download an entire bank and having the patches end up in the correct memory location. The factory preset library is a mix of factory- and user created patches. Thanks a lot everyone for your contributions!


Nord Micro Modular Factory Bank v3.0 Nord Micro Modular Factory Bank

Sound list

The Nord Modular V3.0 factory preset patch library with 495 categorized patches.


Memory locations

Patch category


101-199 Assorted A mix of all sorts of sounds to give you a quick overview of what types of sounds the Nord Modular is capable of producing.
201-229 Sequences/patterns Patches that use sequencer modules to produce melodic and/or rhythmic lines.
230-254 Bass A variety of synth and electro-acoustic bass sounds.
255-286 Lead Synth sounds mainly for lead purposes.
287-379 Synth A wide range of multipurpose synth sounds.
380-399 Piano Different electric- and acoustic piano emulations.
401-419 Organ Organ emulations, from basic tonewheel organs to big church organs.
420-450 Pad Synth pad sounds.
451-465 Acoustic A selection of of acoustic instruments emulations.
466-516 Synth FX All sorts of effects sounds.
517-599 Audio In Patches that make use of the analog input(s) of the Nord Modular synthesizer. Vocoder patches can be found here, for example.