Brandon Coleman

Brandon Coleman is a keyboard maestro, vocalist, composer, producer, arranger who is pushing the boundaries of sounds. He is a frequent collaborator with Babyface, Donald Glover, Flying Lotus, and Kamasi Washington's band, and his work represents a new era in the evolution of jazz and funk fusion.

brandon coleman

“For those accustomed to Coleman’s role laying the foundation for expansive spiritual-jazz explorations in Kamasi Washington’s band, it’s revelatory to hear him so spry on his feet and down to get down. If his work with Washington contains all the weight and gravitas of Sunday church, Coleman’s Resistance has all the fun, breeziness- and yes, sunlight- of an afternoon church picnic,” said Andy Beta of Pitchfork. At a typical Brandon Coleman show, it’s common to get the entire Sunday extravaganza.

Associated acts

Babyface, Donald Glover, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington


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