Christophe Keyes

Ever since Christophe first touched the piano, he had a natural ability that, when nurtured and trained, resulted in an unparalleled level of skill and proficiency. He has become proficient in multiple styles and genres and blends them to create his unique sound, known as the Christophe Keyes sound.

Christophe Keys

Currently, Keyes has been working on a fusion experiment album with a long time friend and colleague, Chasen Little. Mixing their eclectic and extensive musical styles together creating something different and fresh. Along with teaching lessons, daily practice, and preparing for the next studio session and or tour Keyes stays focused and serious about growing musically. Keyes also puts time into learning other instruments to effectively understand the nuances that make up a strong band and become a stronger, more proficient and highly productive Musical Director.

In such a short time Christophe has been blessed to tour, play, study and learn from such acts as Jordin Sparks, Andrae Crouch, B.B. King, Shekinah Glory, Vicki Winans,  Lukas Nelson, Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb, Greg Philinganes, Michael Bearden and the list goes on. Those experiences and life lessons have kept Keyes focused and has given him a strong vision to become a great musician. One of his unique skills is being able to hear a song for the first time, and play it right back and with his own unique twist.

Associated acts

Jordin Sparks, Andrae Crouch, B.B. King, Shekinah Glory, Vicki Winans