Hisham Kharma

Hisham Kharma is a Music Producer, Creative Director and Social Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and having lived in Miami, Hamburg, and Dubai, Kharma has been influenced by multi-cultural experiences that shaped his mind. When it comes to music, Kharma’s passion is to create inspirational and uplifting World music vibes and melodies with a mix of Ethnic, Electronic, Lounge and Funk sounds. He likes to break barriers by exploring forever-new sounds that transport the listeners to different worlds.

Hisham Kharma

Kharma's first official release was "First Voyage" with Virgin Megastore and Hybrid records. His second official album was with Sony Music in the "Arabesque" series along with Grammy-award winner Yanni and Can Atilla. In 2016, Kharma released his third album "Al YaQeen" along kickstarting his live music concerts.

His Film scoring debut kicked off with scoring the much anticipated first Egyptian Sci-Fi series "Al Nehaya" that managed to grab Worldwide attention.






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