Igor Agrich (Ukraine)

Igor Agrich is a keyboardist/composer who has been performing on the Ukrainian jazz scene since 2011. Born in Mariupol, Ukraine, he began studying piano at a young age. At the age of 14, he already started performing in professional bands and concerts. After moving to Kiev in 2011, Igor began to get involved in the local neo-soul and aсid jazz scene, and in 2014 he joined the “Jamala” band, where he became a keyboard player until 2015.

Igor Agrich - Ukraine

After a lot of concerts and tours, Igor decided to take a break and started working on his material, which led to the creation of his own jazz trio. In 2017 Igor became the keyboard player of the Ukrainian pop legend Iryna Bilyk, with whom he still plays, and he is also the keyboardist in the group of his friend Andrey Chmut, called “Smoothability” with which he played many concerts, one of which was with legendary keyboardist, most sampled musician in the history of music, Bob James.

Associated acts

Irina Bilyk, Jamala, The Maneken, Andrey Chmut, Bob James


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