Javier Lozano

Pianist, Keyboardist and arranger based in Madrid, having started at the age of 12, he starts conservatory studies at “Conservatorio Padre Antonio Soler” in El Escorial (Madrid) specializing in Piano Interpretation with Pianists such as Anatoli Povzoun, Dimitri Bashkirov and Juan José Silguero amongst others.

Javier Lozano

He later gains a scholarship by “Fundacion Musica Creativa” specializing in Jazz and modern Harmony at “Escuela de Musica Creativa of Madrid”. He too has been part of the National and International professional music scene arranging, touring and recording with many Artists such as Manuel Carrasco,Taburete, TINI,Los Chichos,Fuel Fandango,Los Chunguitos,Estricnina, Soy Luna (Disney act), AURYN,Pastora Soler and La Húngara to name a few.

He has too colaborated as pianist with the National Jazz Orchestra and various Musicals such as La Llamada, the King Story (Elvis), Hoy no me puedo levantar (Mecano) etc.

Currently a band member of Artist Manuel Carrasco, Taburete and Recycled J.

Associated acts

Manuel Carrasco, Taburete, Recycled J


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