JM Baldomà aka BALDO (Spain)

Currrently on Tour with Luz Casal “Que Corra el Aire” Tour 2018-2019 (Grand Piano, accordion and keyboards). Producer (Maria Rodés nou disc “Eclíptica, Connectome, Guillem Roma “Connexions”,Bengalah).


Music composer for Contemporary Dance, Theater, Cinema and TV. Resident pianist at La Filmoteca de Catalunya for silent movies. Session musician on countless indie-rock-pop records.

Associated acts

Luz Casal, Sidonie, Love of Lesbian, Connectome, Maria Rodés, Refree, Egon Soda, Coque Malla, 08001, Animac Fest, Lali Aguadé Dance Company, Bengalah, Tesla Nix, Neila Benbey, Samantha de Siena, Pastora


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