Lisandro Montes

Lisandro Montes, Argentine musician trained at the Conservatory of the province of Buenos Aires, began his career as a professional musician in early 2001 upon arrival in Barcelona. He was part of several bands called "mestizo rock" of Barcelona (Che Sudaka, Alcohol Fino or Golem System), on more than one occasion with Manu Chao. With these formations, it has toured extensively in European countries like Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, UK and Switzerland.

Lisandro Montes

Over time, opened new musical horizons closer to indie rock and electronic, developing not only as a musician, but also as a DJ and producer, making remixes for many groups of Spanish indie scene as Varry Brava, We are Standard, Dorian and Lord Nobody among others. Since 2011 he is member of Dorian, one of the most important formations of the new scene of Spain. They have released five albums skillfully combining the tradition of Spanish pop with rock and new productions and sounds of contemporary electronic music.

They managed to stand out in the Spanish national scene and gain the attention and respect of the public and the press; and convening large audiences at major festivals and concert halls in Spain. Meanwhile, he began to develop his career in Latin America, publishing his albums and performing extensive tours in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia or Peru.

Associated acts

Dorian, Manu Chao, Varry Brava, We are Standard, Lord Nobody, Che Sudaka, Alcohol Fino