Miha Gorse

Miha Gorše is a talented multi-instrumentalist, keyboardist, producer, and composer from Slovenia. He has been a professional musician since 2003 and has played on several TV shows such as X-factor, Slovenia's Got Talent, Spet doma, and more. Miha has also performed with various Slovenian and European artists including Nina Pušlar, Maja Keuc, Nuša Derenda, Nuška Drašček, Katie Melua, Loreen, Tiana Dapčević, Karolina Goćeva, Hari Mata Hari, Nataša Bekvalac, Bombaj Štampa, and many others.

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Currently, Miha is the Musical Director and band leader for Nina Pušlar and also performs with her on stage. He is also a member of Factory11, a song-writing/production team. Miha has written and co-written over 200 songs, as well as music for film, theatre, and TV commercials. He is known for his top-charted radio songs.


Associated acts

Muff, Nina Pušlar


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