Stefan Lenkeit

Stefan is the keyboardist and musical director of the German band Bosse named after the frontman and gold awarded singer and songwriter Axel Bosse. Playing and touring with him since 2009 all over Germany and neighboring countries. In addition to his work with Bosse he has been performing in the live band of the Irish singer-songwriter Rea Garvey since the beginning of his solo career with his multi-platinum-selling album „Can ́t Stand the Silence“.

Stefan Lenkeit

"Intensively using my Nord Keys for the last 5 years live on stage and in the studio, they have always been the best choice. What I like is the amazing sound quality combined with the simplicity of editing and programming sounds. Everything you need is right there in front of you, no need to step through complex menus, it ́s all about turning knobs in real time and pushing some buttons. Easy to handle I can create whatever sound I need and they are rock-solid build!"

Associated acts

Bosse, Rea Garvey


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