Nord Artists



Brett Williams (USA)
Chris Thile, Kate K-S, Kevin Garrett, Keyon Harrold, Marcus Miller, Ms. Lauryn Hill
Michael Wilson-Trollip (South Africa)
Groove Missionaries and The Voice SA Artists, Jonathan Butler, Juan Boucher, Juanita & Franja du Plessis, Mark Haze, Richard Stirton, Totius Hill
Manuel Winiger (Switzerland)
Marc Sway
Alex Wright (USA)
Brett Eldredge, Hunter Hayes
Marcus Wüst (Germany)
Get Well Soon
Tijn Wybenga (Netherlands)
Aurelio Project, Circo Simonelli, Wicked Jazz Sounds


Dave Young (Canada)
Devin Townsend Project


Pedro Zagalo (Portugal)
Miguel Gameiro, MONDA
Julián Zapata (Colombia)
Amigos Invisibles, Bomba Estéreo, Calle 13, La Toma, Panteón Rococo
Markus Zimmermann (Germany)
Julia Neigel, Nick Carter, Uwe Ochsenknecht
Tony Zlatanov (Bulgaria)
Acho Zaberski, Camellia Voche, Polly Genova, The Golden Project, Vesi Boneva