Christian Almiron Sound Bank for Nord Stage 4

NYC-based keyboardist Christian Almiron has created 32 exclusive signature sounds for the Nord Stage 4 inspired by genres such as Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop and Film music. The patch collection includes experimental synth sounds, vibey piano layers, cinematic soundscapes and much more.

"The sounds that I've created for the Stage 4 stem from film music, hip-hop, classical and from noise, synths and just all sort of electronic music or pop music even. I like to produce as well so I had those influences come into the creating of these patches"

Christian Almiron is an established keyboardist/composer/producer based in New York. Christian has worked with artists such as Babyface, Lauryn Hill, Questlove, Lupe Fiasco, Gwen Stefani and is also a member of the renowned live act "The Lesson GK".

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