Introducing Spitfire String Quintet

We are happy to announce our special collaboration with Spitfire Audio and their acclaimed String Quintet library.

The Spitfire String Quintet is a world class collection full of character and detail covering all essential articulations. With its unique authentic and intimate sound, the Spitfire String Quintet adds a new palette of high-end samples to the Nord Sample Library.

The String Quintet consists of two Violins, Viola, Cello and Double Bass and also includes Soft, Flautando, Marcato, Staccato and Pizzicato playing techniques.

The Spitfire String Quintet is compatible with Nord Stage 4/3, Nord Electro 6, Nord Piano 5/4, Nord Grand 2/1 and Nord Wave 2. 

Make sure to update to the latest OS version before transferring the sounds to your instrument.

UPDATE 17 JUNE 2024: The Spitfire String Quintet is now also available for Nord Stage 2 EX/2, Nord Piano 3/2 , Nord Electro 5/4/3 , Nord Wave