Sean Alexander Sound Bank for Nord Stage 4

Boston-based keyboardist/producer/programmer Sean "SynthSei" Alexander has designed 32 excellent signature sounds exclusively for the Nord Stage 4 series! The patch collection incorporates influences from RnB, Gospel, Funk and Electronic music and contains motion synths, creative rhythmic patches, ambient pianos, funky EPs and much more.

"My signature sound bank for Nord Stage 4 is very well-rounded I would say, I have a little bit something for the piano players, the organ players, the auxiliary players and the synth players so I feel a lot of these sounds really passed across multiple genres"

Sean “SynthSei” Alexander is one of Boston’s own talented individuals. His exceptional skills in performance and production has awarded him the opportunity to tour the world with renowned artists such as John P. Kee, Teddy Riley, Jordan Knight (NKOTB), Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), Teyana Taylor, Brian McKnight, and many more.

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