The Nord Piano Monitor system is exclusively engineered for optimal dynamic reproduction of the electric and acoustic pianos in the Nord Piano Library.

Developed to give you the optimal nearfield listening the compact Nord Piano Monitor system lets you experience the true character of our renowned piano sounds with impressive depth and dynamics – a natural extension of our instruments.  

Piano Monitor Brackets

For the ultimate nearfield listening experience the Nord Piano Monitor speakers can be mounted to the Nord Piano 4, Nord Piano 5 73/88, Nord Grand, Nord Stage 3 Rev B (88 and HP76) and Nord Stage 4 73/88 using the included Monitor Brackets. The Monitors can also be attached directly to standard microphone stands.

Dual inputs

The Nord Piano Monitors feature an additional auxiliary audio input for connecting a laptop or smartphone - perfect for playing along, rehearsing or just listening to music.

Mountable on Nord Piano 4, Nord PIANO 5 73/88, Nord Grand,
Nord Stage 3 Rev b HP76 and 88 & NORD STAGE 4 73/88

Nord Piano Monitors mounted on Nord Grand with Monitor Brackets.


  • Dual inputs for
    keyboard (2 x 1/4") and aux (3,5 mm Stereo)
  • Weight 5,5 kg / pair
  • Tweeter size 3/4"
  • Woofer size 4 1/2"
  • 2 x 80 Watt
  • SUB out RCA
  • Dimensions (Height, Width, Depth): 220 mm (8.7") x 150 mm (5,9") x 198 mm (7,8")

Compatible with all Nord products