Nord Sample Editor 4

The new Nord Sample Editor 4 makes it easier than ever to create custom sampled instruments for your Nord keyboard. Record or drag and drop audio-files and enjoy automatic mapping with pitch detection, simple looping and instant transfer to your Nord instrument.

The new version 4 allows recording directly in the app and along with smart auto-mapping for a quick and intuitive workflow!

  • Built-in recording NEW
  • Consolidate all files option NEW
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Drag and drop single or multiple samples
  • Automatic and manual import options
  • Edit multiple zones at once
  • Support for silent zones


The Nord Sample Editor 4 is available for free download for Mac and Windows and is compatible with all Nord instruments that support samples.

nord sample editor 4 - a creative guide



The online guide provides all essential information you need to create a sample instrument. Go to the Nord Sample Editor 4 Online Guide.