Nord Sound Manager

The Nord Sound Manager software lets you easily organize and backup the memory of your Nord instrument.

NEW Nord Wave 2,  Stage 3, Electro 6, Piano 4 and Grand owners: From Nord Sound Manager v7.22 NSMP-files are automatically converted to NSMP 3.0 when needed.


The Dependencies feature keeps track of which pianos and samples that are in use by programs. This lets you move your sounds around freely without it affecting the programs and will also tell you what programs that will be affected when deleting sounds.

Info pane

The Info pane brings up additional information about the program/sound dependencies. When browsing the programs, the associated pianos and samples are shown and if browsing pianos or samples, you will see a list of programs that use these sounds.


Replace allows you to replace a selected piano or a sample in your instrument and make sure that your existing programs will use the new sound instead.


The Relink feature is used if you want one or several selected programs to use another piano or sample instead of the current. The Relink features can also be very useful if a piano or sample is absent in the Nord, to repair programs that are missing a component.

Bundle iconBundles

The Bundle-feature lets you pack together everything needed for one or more sounds (program, samples, pianos) to a single file on your computer. Very nice for backing up your stuff selectively or for sharing sounds you've created with others. When transferring a bundle back to your Nord instrument the Nord Sound Manager will only transfer the pianos and samples that aren't already present.

Export Sound Lists

You can create detailed lists in HTML-format of the contents of your instrument, including the names, locations and sizes of pianos and samples and program dependencies.

Easy transfer

Adding new sounds to your instrument is simply a matter of connecting your instrument via USB, drag-and-drop the desired files onto the application window. The files are automatically transferred to you Nord instrument and has an intelligent Download Queue functionality for transferring many sounds at a time. Nord Sound Manager can transfer sounds from the Nord Piano LibraryNord Sample Library 2.0, Nord Sample Library 3.0 as well as sample instruments you've created yourself in the Nord Sample Editor. The Nord Sound Manager also lets you transfer program files from your instrument to your computer.

Organizing your programs

Nord Sound Manager lets you rename your sounds and programs quickly and associate them with categories on instruments that support this. The Organize Mode lets you move, duplicate, rearrange and rename your sounds and programs. You might want to put them in chronological order for the next show, or perhaps arrange them after in a special order that only makes sense to you and a select group of friends.


The Backup function lets you take a complete snapshot of your every sound and settings in your instrument, including sounds, settings. It can also be used to restore instrument to its factory settings.


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