Nord Beat 3

Nord Beat 3 is a simple to use MIDI Step Sequencer for iPad. It's the perfect companion for sequencing your Nord Drum and is available for free at the App Store!


Main features

  • 6-track MIDI Step Sequencer
  • 8 Patterns
  • Flexible cueing system
  • 3 Velocity levels
  • Adjustable Pattern Length (1-16)
  • Shuffle
  • 6-track MIDI Step Sequencer
  • 8 Patterns
  • Flexible cueing system
  • 3 Velocity levels
  • Adjustable Pattern Length (1-16)
  • Shuffle

Compatible products

  • Nord Drum 3P
  • Nord Drum 2
  • Nord Drum

System requirements

  • iPad running iOS 5.1 or newer.
  • CoreMIDI compatible interface (iRig MIDI, Yamaha i-MX1 etc.)


Nord Beat lets you create drum beats in classic 16 step grid with up to 8 patterns and offers great control over velocity.

Patterns can be played back in two ways: In Sequence Mode, up to 8 patterns can be cued and will play in a chained fashion. Each pattern can be set to repeat up to 8 times to create a song progression.

When Sequence Mode is turned off, a single pattern will loop until you cue another.

Any pattern can be edited while playing and the Copy/Paste function lets you create variations over a pattern very quickly.

There are 3 velocity levels represented by colors, and are easily changed by swiping up or down on the desired notes. The actual velocity values can be altered with the velocity faders for changing accents and dynamics in real-time.

The Shuffle amount can also be changed on the fly and each of the 6 tracks can be muted individually. The Pattern length can be shortened (1-16) while playing for creating breakdowns or alternative time signatures.

Three special step modifiers are available, letting you add a Flam, 32th note or 32th triplet to any of the steps of the sequencer.

Easy setup

Although designed with the Nord Drum in mind, Nord Beat can be used with any MIDI instrument. Just choose the desired MIDI-channel and Note Numbers in MIDI Settings menu and you're ready to go! It's also easy use Nord Beat app to sequence other iPad apps by routing the MIDI output to the input of your desired MIDI-compatible app, virtual or networked.

A CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interface is required.


Pad mode

Nord Beat also features a Pad Mode that lets you play with your fingers on and even gives you great control over the velocity! The center zones transmit full velocity and gradually gets lower towards the edges.

The pads can be used simultaneously with the sequencer.


Demo with with Nord Beat/Nord Drum 2/Nord Pad