Mozart Fortepiano by Chris Maene


This replica, made by Chris Maene Workshop, is identical in every detail to the original Mozart fortepiano and captures all the characteristics of the original instrument. Mozart acquired an Anton Walter fortepiano as a concert instrument and played it regularly in his academy concerts in various concert halls in Vienna between 1782-1791. 

The Mozart fortepianos were built in Vienna by the famous Anton Walter between 1780 to 1800 and was a five octave instrument with a very light touch. Walnut wood was used for the body of the instrument and in contrast to a modern instrument the natural keys are black and made of ebony, the accidental keys are white and covered with bone. 

Sound demos

ASF = Alfredo Salvador Figueroa Some reverb added.

Download (V6)

Version 6 piano files are compatible with Nord Stage 4/3/2 EX/2, Nord Electro 6/5, Nord Piano 5/4/3 and Nord Grand.

Mozart Forte Pno XL 6.1.npno Extra large version